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About us

Welcome to was started with the purpose of helping and assisting Armenian online community - that's you. We want to make your online experience easier - in any way we can.

We want to focus on the large community of you who do not spend their entire life on a computer. But, who still want to benefit from all the best opportunities the Internet has to offer.

The exponential growth of the Internet means that there is a lot of information and web sites out there - but, sometimes it is just too much and too overwhelming. From our own experience, it isn't always easy to find what you are looking for on the web. Even though there are some excellent search engines out there. Sometimes simplicity is needed - that is where it comes in.

10 Reasons why to use

1. We will save your time. We give you fast and easy access to vast assortment of computers and accessories
2. We will same your money. We often receive exclusive offers which we will pass on to you.
3. We put you in control. We give you access to cheapest goods and services available in Armenia – just compare our prices with others. We offer free delivery
We offer free delivery.
5. We propose Quality vs. Quantity.
6. We are Armenian based and we are only focused on the Armenian market. We feel this gives you the best local service.
7. Our site is fast-loading and easy to use. And ... are you fed-up with pop-up windows? So are we. We don't use them!
8. Want to order by phone instead of online? We give you the telephone ordering number - just call us and put your order.
9. We listen to you. And, we will seriously consider all of your comments and suggestions about our site and services.
10. We constantly strive to add new and exciting features and sections to the site. We hope these will serve as an increased benefit to you.

We also strongly believe in customer feedback. So, feel free to drop us a line. Let us know what your main concerns and problems are when surfing or shopping on the Internet. Or, what would make your life online easier? Any comments on our site are obviously always welcome too. You can reach us using Feedback link on the site.

We hope you enjoy And, if you do so, please make sure you add our site to your favorites and recommend us to your friends & family :-)

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  • Crucial
  • Dlink

  • Bluetooth round speaker PBSP1 with NFC

    Price:    5000 AMD

    9.7"-10.1" universal case for tablets

    Price:    3000 AMD

    TL-WN781ND 150Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter

    Price:    9000 AMD

    CNA-BTKBO1 Bluetooth

    Price:    8000 AMD

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