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Jabra PRO 9400 wireless headset

Jabra   PRO 9400 wireless headset
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Jabra PRO 9400

Professional DECT security certified wireless headset that unites all your devices – mobile, desk phone, and softphone. Delivers clear-sounding calls, even in noisy offices.


  • One headset for all phones – take incoming calls via mobile, desk phone or your computer

  • Outstanding sound quality – noise blackout provides the highest noise cancellation and clearest calls

  • Wireless freedom – up to 150 meter range and all-day battery life


Whether the call comes in on desk phone, smartphone or softphone, you’ll experience crystal clear sound 


Why go wireless?

In short: Real business benefits. But don’t take our word for it. Benchmark Portals completed a study of Brother International Technical Support moving to wireless, and concludes:

"Wireless headsets might be the highest ROI investment you can make:''

  • Lower talk time: Average talk time went from 19.5 minutes to 14.4 minutes – a 26,2% saving
  • Fewer transfers: In the study, transfers dropped by 62,7% – which in itself secures a ROI on the headsets of 1,353%

The study concludes:

“By moving from tethered headsets to wireless, this office equipment technical support center experienced multiple benefits, which were shown both in terms of measurable financial savings and in terms of agent satisfaction. From the CFO to the front-line agent, everyone was a winner - especially the customers:

One headset for all phone:

 Take every call on the same headset. Connects to your desk phone, mobile, and softphone - all at the same time. Manage multiple calls through an industry-first, user-friendly touch screen or touchpad. Also comes with a SmartSetup wizard that guides you through the connection process.

Outstanding sound quality

If you talk and listen for a living, clear conversations can make or break a deal. Get best-in-class noise cancellation and acoustic protection. Your calls will sound great - even in the noisiest of offices. The Jabra PRO 9400 offers the highest degree of noise cancellation in a wireless headset.

  • Noise Blackout™: Ear cushions and microphone are specially designed to eliminate background noise.
  • Digital Signal Processing and HD Voice make your calls more intelligible and lifelike.
  • SafeTone™ technology automatically counters unexpected spikes in volume and protects your ears.

True wireless freedom

Wireless DECT technology lets you roam up to 150 meters/450 feet away from your desk without dropping the call. Answer and end calls remotely while multitasking around the office. At least 8 hours of battery life mean you’ll never have to worry about running out.

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